In 1997, with the launch of our specialist tour operation, Accessible Travel & Leisure, we consciously moved the narrative from ‘disability’ travel to ‘accessible’ travel.

And now with the launch of Inclu Solutions shift it again, definitively, towards ‘inclusion’ – which in our world, is the true north. A place where accessibility and accessible has ceased to seduce us towards considering only the physical, the built environment, the wheelchair. Where inclusion and inclusivity is embraced for what it really is – equality, fairness, decency and not an all you can eat dining option. Where disabled children are embraced, accepted and not excluded from kids-clubs. Where those seeking to refresh, revitalise and rekindle happy times with family and friends have access to water – sea, salt and Spa. Where deaf guests are alerted, as those with hearing are as a matter of course. Where visual impaired travellers are as intimately engaged, stimulated and enlightened as those with clear sight. And when learning difficulties cease to be a barrier to joy, abandon and doing what an individual may want to do.

Safe and unencumbered. Free and frivolous. Supported, even chaperoned but oh so sensationally at one. Alive. And where a hotels inclusive room inventory and amenities are viewed as a brand-differentiating jewel. To be showcased and promoted. To be proud of.

So this is the Inclu Solutions mission – defining the future of travel, leisure and hospitality for anyone and everyone that seeks it, chartering a course and delivering solutions to the global supply chain that will empower and enable it to realise the potential that one billion disabled people with $8 trillion spending power, represents.

We call it the Evolution of Inclusion. It’s a process. A journey. And it starts here.