Damiano La Rocca

Global Destination Lead – Blind and visual impairment

Hailing from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily, Damiano La Rocca has made the UK his home since studying International Tourism Management at the London Metropolitan University. It was during his final year of study that Damiano, inspired by his father, Carmelo’s recovery from serious injury, established the tour operator ‘Seable’, specialising in scuba diving holidays for disabled people, in the waters around his home island. This was no coincidence but rather a natural evolution built on ground-breaking adaptive diving programmes developed by Carmelo, himself a diver, as he dedicated himself to supporting others in their adjustment to life post-injury, including helping visually impaired Benedetta Spampinato, to achieve a Guinness World Record for deep sea diving.

Now, twelve years on, Damiano has established himself as a global authority in the arena of holidays and travel for blind and partially sighted people. And now with the capacity to tailor land and sea based independent and group tours anywhere in the world, he has created a unique programme and process to train and educate destination management companies, tourism and hospitality bodies, in the art of creating accessible and inclusive product and services for visually impaired guests, thereby opening up a substantial and wholly untapped market.

Damiano adds another innovative and industry-transforming skill-set to the Inclu Solutions portfolio of solutions, and it is an absolute pleasure to have him on the team.

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Damiano La Rocca