Samuel Hendrix

Voice Coaching

With a degree In Drama studies and an MA in Performing Shakespeare, specialising in Voice and Text and Voice and Space, Sam Hendrix is more than qualified to impart his expertise and passion for ‘voice’ to others. Sam has also applied these sought-after skills by plying his trade and treading the boards with performances in a variety of theatre spaces and stages in the UK and Europe, with an variety of shows from children’s theatre to Shakespeare. This, the perfect opportunity to put his own voice knowledge to practice and sustaining vocal stamina for a gruelling 18 month touring duration.

And it is this world-class knowledge and understanding of voice that now guides Sam in enabling others to discover theirs. He calls the process Hendrix Voice – a practical and fluid working, adapting tailored voice coaching programmes to personal requirements, and helping each person to explore their voice and then liberate it into the character, situation, or work space that they need to use it for… whatever their role and whichever industry they are in. He firmly believes that voice work should be focused and concentrated in a way that allows people to ‘let go’ and ‘get themselves out of the way’. But most importantly it should be enjoyable and creative. As he says ‘We need to use our voice in all aspects of our life, so why not have fun discovering and developing it’!

And recognising that the global travel, leisure and hospitality industry is very much about performance, about being ‘on point’, about delivering information and about establishing brand differentiating values with every verbal communication – be it front desk or front of stage. A reservation centre or restaurant. A promotional pitch, a conference call or arena address. Voice, in these situations is vehicle that transports the message. Not just in words but in sounds. In tone. In projection. So having Sam on our team of Solutionists adds what we believe is a unique service to our industry. Take a bow Sam. The stage is all yours!

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Samuel Hendrix
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