The evolution of inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion within your organisation that delivers genuinely inclusive and accessible experiences for every guest and customer, whatever their requirements might be, is a process. It is evolutionary. A journey through awareness, audit, appraisal and adjustment that will equip you perfectly to attract new guests and those that will travel with them.

The evolution begins with enlightenment at leadership level and cascades throughout an organisation. New knowledge, education and awareness that showcases the unequivocal value and brand-differentiating value of an untapped market of potential customers who would travel if only they believed they would be welcomed, and their requirements understood and addressed, without drama or deflection.

A demographic of 1.2 billion disabled people across the globe and those who would travel with them. A community with annual spending power of $8 trillion!


Enlightened and aware, organisations will be well placed pursue a strategic path to total customer inclusion. This will begin through a complementary in-person or virtual consultation with a key member of our executive team.



Electronic self-audit or on-site access audits will provide businesses and organisations with an overview and situation report that identifies current accessibility and inclusion provision.



Your audit will enable us to work with you to identify areas where adjustments can be made to the built, cultural, social, procedural and attitudinal environment of your business, it’s product, services and brand positioning.



Identifying what adjustments can and that you are able or willing to make is the first step. The next, game-changing, phase is implementation. And how to do this has always been a key barrier to transforming the actual customer experience and not, as in the case of addressing legislative obligations, simply ticking boxes. This is why we have brought together leaders in the arena of inclusion, each with distinct expertise and specialisation, that can collectively, provide a kaleidoscope of solutions. Our base-line portfolio of boardroom, classroom and remote training programmes can be tailored to provide the fundamentals of awareness and understanding upon which key outcomes and a critical path to inclusion can be prepared and implemented.



Trust and confidence are two key factors that influence the travel and leisure-buying decisions of disabled people and those close to them. Many have been let down and disappointed by promises of accessibility and inclusion, too many times. Most choose to remain at home and the market potential stifled. So, with adjustments made the next critical step of the journey is how to attract new customers. Well for any brand, finding the form of marketing and promotional collateral in establishing positioning is pivotal. But when it comes to attracting customers with additional requirements, there are other critical, influencing elements – tone, language and context.

Getting these right will immediately establish credibility, trust and a level of sophistication and awareness that will of themselves serve to create brand-differentiation as a genuinely accessible and inclusive business.

Next move…

Assured that with our decades of experience in the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry and passion for inclusion and with all the solutions you may ever need, and if you feel ready to begin your journey to a more inclusive business, then contact us today.

We will be happy to talk through the first best moves for you and your organisation and how you can ready yourselves to welcome with confidence and anticipation, a wholly new market of customers of a scale not seen within our industry for decades.

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