Total Inclusion Solutions

Decades of immersion in the arena of accessible and inclusive tourism and hospitality has brought into dramatic relief the realisation and understanding that to create genuinely inclusive and accessible experiences for our guests requires a Total Inclusion Solution.

‘Band-aids’ that address fragments of requirement simply don’t work. Nor does the appointment of ‘Champions’. Responsibility cannot reside on an individual’s desk. It should not be someone’s ‘workload’, called on to address issues when and only they are made visible by unhappy customers. Because then it’s too late and any resolution reactive. That almost always means unsatisfactory outcomes and is potentially discriminatory. It also risks the complete loss of awareness and understanding if the ‘champion’ leaves their post. Making the evolution of inclusion and the nurturing of inclusion cultures, impossible.

So the Inclu Solutions model of adjustment is one that envisions every member of an organisation – leaders in the board room, management at all levels and for maximum impact, all customer facing personnel, becoming enlightened, up-skilled and confident ‘Inclusion Ambassadors’. All part of the total inclusion solution. Everyone championing and shaping the culture of inclusion that will transform the guest experience for everyone.

In an incredibly competitive environment, that’s a brand-defining prize worth pursuing.

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